20% Off Automatic.com

20% Off Automatic
For the first time in my life, I am buying a NEW car! It’s the first time I have EVER bought a car really.  It’s quite astounding I went this long, but then again I am pretty cheap!  Ms Scarlett is in and I am going to pick her up on Saturday, but there was one thing I knew I wanted from the get-go … Automatic.

Automatic is an ODB-II (onboard diagnostics system) readers that sync with your iPhone or Android via Bluetooth, tracking all your driving information automatically and loading it to automatic.com.  The great part to me about automatic (being the cheap guy I am) is that after purchasing the dongle for $99.00, the service is included free!

I will even do you one better…here is a link for 20% off your purchase of an Automatic dongle!  I am super excited to get my Automatic, and can’t wait to see Ms Scarlett in all her Mini Cooper S glory!