I love miles and points and my preferred airline is American, so when the OneWorld MegaDO came around you would think it would have been a no brainer for me to attend. The only thing was, I was at work when it launched and it sold out in just over 23 minutes. Apparently lots of other people use OneWorld carriers like I do. I was sad!

But then I remembered Brian Kelly aka The Points Guy was planning on giving away a seat on the trip. I patiently waited for the announcement and lo and behold, he decided to do a video contest! Something I love to have an excuse to have fun with.

I did all the work on the video myself…shooting, acting, and editing.

The idea behind the video was to create a video about the subject Brian requested, but I wanted it to be something more, something fun in the background. The video is littered with references to the miles and points game. I say things, there is product placement, intentionally obscured websites, pictures, etc that should look familiar to people in the miles and points hobby. I count 23 references, however I may have done a bit too good of a job obscuring them in shallow depth of field (thats what you get when you are the actor and the cameraman). Hope you all have fun!

For those techie people out there I shot this on a Canon 5D Mark II with a 50mm 1.4 lens. Its all natural light. I edited on Adobe Premiere CS5, and the teleportation effect is a combination of a Film Riot episode and a VideoCopilot tutorial edited on Adobe After Effects