Award Wallet Free Upgrade Codesimage by lrargerich

If you have been around me for any period of time you have probably heard about my recent obsession with collecting frequent flyer miles, reward points and generating elite status within various programs. Managing all of these can be hard, but I have been using a great web based tool called Award Wallet. No this isn’t a spam post. I simply love this website and find it to be essential to keeping track of all my reward programs.

Some people might not like giving their account number and password to their reward programs to a third party, but there is an option to save your password on your local PC. I did this initially, but ended up converting to storing with Award Wallet for simplicity.

The free version does just about everything. Though there is a premium version with more perks. Normally it runs $5 every 6 months, but I have 10 free six month new users codes. Sign up for an account (click here) and simply enter free-awfctr into the Upgrade Using a Coupon button on the left side. This is only open to the first 10 people who use the code. There is no credit card required and if you don’t like the service at the end of the 6 month term you will automatically downgrade to a free account.

Give it a try, if you have more than one award program it really is a great tool!

Update: It looks like all the free codes are used up, but please feel free to signup, it is an awesome service!