I have to say I spend quite a bit of time these days consuming content on the interwebs. Between creativeLive Events, Revision3 and KelbyTV, I have my time so parceled up into small digestible web segments you would think I never have time for traditional media. Come to think of it, my DVR is pretty full.

One of the great things about new media, is it gives immensely talent people a great opportunity to share with others. Twitter is one of the most visible examples of this. We get to share in the day to day existence of people all over the world. Whether our Aunt Enda or Shaquille O’Neal, we in very small ways get to interact and be a part of these peoples lives.

Recently I came across Jeremy Cowart, a wonderful Nashville based photographer with quite a resume. Though I think he might downplay the celebrity of his photography, he has photographed some of the biggest names in the entertainment world. From Britney to Sting, Zachary Levi to Ron Artest, well, the images are quite frankly, stunning.

I started following Jeremy on Twitter and recently he released a personal project titled Eraser. It was a three hour project for him, a birthday present to himself, no Twitter, Facebook, email or the like, just time to create something.

Eraser got me to thinking about how I put things off. Things I want to do. Things for which I have a thousand excuses. Useless excuses.

How many years have I been going to work on improving my photography? How long have I put off traveling? Why am I so afraid to fail?

I sat on my couch and wondered to myself, as utterly ridiculous as it sounds…What Would Jeremy Cowart Do?

He would work to make something he could be proud of. He would already BE working.

Below is what came of all of this. I sat down and actually started working on a portrait of myself. I am not comparing my work with Eraser…I think that would be slightly foolish. It is, however an important step for me. Sure it’s over processed and in many ways that’s completely on purpose. The point was play…experimentation. I had fun making it and in many ways it expresses how I have been feeling lately.

If by chance Mr. Cowart should ever happen to read this, I would like to say…thank you for the example.

What Would Jeremy Cowart Do? (WWJCD?)End of a Beginning by W. Brian Duncan ©