First I have a 50% stake in Thrive Personal Fitness, LLC. This is a business I helped found with my wife, Pamela Hernandez, and as such you will probably hear quite a bit about it in my writings as well as see frequent links .

Second, the U.S. government, specifically the FTC, in the effort to crack down on shady Interneting has decided to regulate websites much the same way they regulate other forms of media, with respect to any disclosures when there might be any hidden interests or bias. For example if Company X were to send me a free $500,000 sports car for reviewing the car on my blog, I would need to let my readers know so they can gauge any potential bias that might be contained in my review because I got a free half million dollar car.

The same thing unfortunately applies to free t-shirts and people buying me lunch so to preserve the integrity of my writing (which is a bit lacking anyway) please assume that for every article, review, suggestion and link on this site, the following hold true:

The Writer Got FedThe Writer Got Gadgets
The Writer Got BusyThe Writer Got Money
The Writer Got SwagThe Writer Got Stocks

(Illustrations courtesy of Louis Gray and Jeannine Schafer via Tim Ferriss.)